Welcome to TwoPointGo!

For my first blog post I wanted to do an introduction of myself and offer insight in our philosophy. My name is Gabriel Quiroga where I am currently living in Spain and have been living for the past two years. I started TwoPointGo! because my father gave me great advice before leaving abroad and told me to consider starting my own business. I had seen the direct success of starting a business, my parents started their own business in 1996 when I was in high school, medical billing. Both my parents had day jobs working for tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, but when they got home both of them studied and worked on their home business and eventually became experts in medical billing, processes, and accounting. There were able to work from home and just work on their business now doing it full time while having the freedom to travel and work as they please. During the six months prior to me moving to Spain, my father gave me this advice and told me, you don’t have to make millions overnight but if you begin the process and work on it while having a day job, it will give me financial freedom and able to work as I please. I am from San Francisco Bay Area, the hub of technology and all things internet. I really enjoyed growing up there, great weather, sports teams, cultures, and of course the technology. Both my parents worked in technology fields and always exposed my sister and I to the newest technology. I remember getting our first Mac in the 80s, our first pc in the 90s, and our first dial up experience in 1995 with Prodigy. My parents allowed me to “play” on the computer and I was able to figure things out and really enjoyed the computer and never felt intimidated by it. I attended Arizona State University where I received a degree in Kinesiology because I thought I wanted to do physical therapy. While at ASU, I worked at the technology studio for students where students could bring their laptops and we would fix for free. I learned so much in my time there working on macs and pcs, fixing, resolving, and working with people. I quickly realized that I should pursue work in the IT field. After graduation I worked for an IT firm fixing computer and setting up offices and later worked at community college doing IT support. During that time, I took a trip to Europe and fell in love with Spain and I knew I had to move to Spain, but how? I decided to become a TEFL English teacher and move to Spain, I did the course and immediately began working all over Madrid. My year was hectic, amazing, and life changing all in one however with my hectic schedule I was able to work on TwoPointGo! It is funny how life works out, I went to a party and met a guy who wanted to practice English, we started talking and had a good time at the party so we exchanged numbers. It was not until a road trip to his village in Spain that I realized he was a IT/Web professional and that whole trip we talked about my business and how we could team up and do business. From that road trip, Roberto, has been my business partner and our partnership has been great so far. Roberto has far more experience in web design than me and is brilliant with programming while I can hold my own with design I prefer to do client relations. Since we have teamed up, I am able to bounce ideas off of him and I no longer feel like TwoPointGo! is never going to take off. How will TwoPointGo! be different than other web development/SEO firms? In my years as an account manager with web design firms, the biggest complaint I received from clients is that there was never clear and constant communication with client and firm. With our online tools, we keep our clients in the constant loop from start to finish. Clients are able to see progress of their website online and have input through collaborative web applications. An advantage that TwoPointGo! has that we are fluent in both Spanish and English, so devleloping content for websites and social media can attract wider audiences. With our bilingual abilities, IT experience, and focus on clients needs, I am hoping that we will differentiate ourselves from other Spanish based web development and SEOcompanies. If you are interested in any of our services, head to our “Contact Us” and drop us a line.