We are always looking at new tools or services to help clients boost their social media presence. A service that I have seen around Madrid and Barcelona is the use of a service called So Wi-fi. This is a great service because customers can log on to a wi-fi network without asking for wi-fi network name or password, it is completely self-service. For travellers these days, wi-fi is very important to view emails, social media or contact people and it is also a way to draw more customers providing no hassle wi-fi. More and more, business owners are trying to find ways to gain traffic to their social media so that new customers can find their business and read past reviews. So Wi-fi is a company based in the Netherlands that aims to help businesses provide great hassle free wi-fi for customers. So Wi-fi service includes a router, social media splash page setup, analytics reports and support.

The Routers
The business owner is able to chose two types of routers, one that covers 200m2 or another one at 300m2. These routers work well at handling multiple users and are meant for big spaces like bars and restaurants. The routers are also supported by So Wi-fi, so if there is any problem with it, So Wi-fi provides fast support for the business owner so that any issues with the wi-fi is solved.

Included in the monthly price is the software setup of the social media links as well as installation of control panel page. Since So Wi-fi sets up the software and router, the business owner would not have to worry about setup and have confidence that wi-fi would be running properly. Again if there are any issues with the control panel or analytics reports, So Wi-fi provides support to help solve any issue. With the analytics reports business owners are able to view in more detail the information about their clients. They can see where the clients are from, how often people are using their wi-fi, and duration of customer’s visit. With this information, business owners can tailor their services to the specific demographic that are visiting their business and using their wi-fi. So Wi-fi will also setup the splash page so when customers log on, they can easily hop on the wi-fi network and provide a check in giving the business more likes and generating a stronger social media presence.

So Wi-fi includes complete support for the router and software, which gives the owner peace of mind that the wi-fi network will always be running well. The business owner does not have to have an IT background and can contact So Wi-fi anytime.

Payment Plans
So Wi-fi offers three types of payment plans, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. So Wi-fi sent me some info regarding the payment plan, the first setup fees is to buy the router and pay the first month to get started. To get more info about all the costs and fees, contact So Wi-fi directly and they will be able to answer all your questions. I have attached a screenshot of their payment plans as well.

So Wifi Payment Plans
So Wifi Payment Plans

From my experience using the So Wi-fi in various cafes, the service is easy for customers to log on, good wi-fi, and the business receives a huge boost in social media presence. Businesses are looking for easy ways to boost social media, this another tool a business could use to boost social media presence on a hourly basis and would definitely recommend this service.