Mobileggedon-Pocalypse, Are You Ready?
On April 21st, Google will be doing a major update on how they index websites, in layman’s terms “Mobileggedon-Pocalypse” (the end of terrible websites) . Google is always tinkering and they have spoken, make your website mobile friendly or else. Over the last five years, the explosion in the availability of smart phones has allowed...
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Facebook Wireless Routers, Get More Likes!
While I travel around Europe, I am always interested to see how local businesses try to attract new customers. When I am at a bar or cafe, I usually try to take advantage of their free wifi in order to save on data usage. A new trend that I am starting to see with regards...
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Welcome to TwoPointGo!
For my first blog post I wanted to do an introduction of myself and offer insight in our philosophy. My name is Gabriel Quiroga where I am currently living in Spain and have been living for the past two years. I started TwoPointGo! because my father gave me great advice before leaving abroad and told...
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