Social Media
With so much competition for social media visits and likes, everything I have  read the last two years or listened to on podcasts is that marketing specialists should focus on great content. Obviously, no one wants to read boring  and non-engaging content, so how do social media marketers make their content more interesting and engaging?...
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So Wi-fi Marketing Tool
We are always looking at new tools or services to help clients boost their social media presence. A service that I have seen around Madrid and Barcelona is the use of a service called So Wi-fi. This is a great service because customers can log on to a wi-fi network without asking for wi-fi network...
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Facebook Wireless Routers, Get More Likes!
While I travel around Europe, I am always interested to see how local businesses try to attract new customers. When I am at a bar or cafe, I usually try to take advantage of their free wifi in order to save on data usage. A new trend that I am starting to see with regards...
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