We recently did some business technology consulting for a restaurant in Miami, Florida. The restaurant wanted an easy way to manage online reservations for their three party rooms. During my research and demoing different reservation softwares, we decided to go forward with Rezbook from Urbanspoon. Rezbook is a reservation application used with an iPad and it is very easy to use. I was impressed with how easy it was to navigate, you are able to get a snapshot of the restaurant at any time. There are many great benefits with this app, which will help the owner of a restaurant manage his restaurant more easily and efficiently. One of the first benefits with choosing Rezbook was the exposure that it was going to give the restaurant through the Urbanspoon network which includes the Urbanspoon app, CitySearch, and Google. Urbanspoon is the number one downloaded restaurant app for both android and ios, which allows the restaurant great exposure and allows new users to find the restaurant through the Urbanspoon network. Along with the great exposure, the app for the iPad is a very powerful tool and easy to use. Another great benefit of this tool is that it is customizable to your restaurant and needs. The people at Rezbook customized the app so that it looks exactly like your restaurant. During the training with the Rezbook account manager, she asked us about our main use for the app and how we wanted to customize the app. During the training, our account manager was able to show us how to use the app and understand all the features. The main reason why we chose Rezbook was the ease of making online reservations. I first discovered while making a reservation for a Mother’s Day dinner and was impressed on the ease of use and instant feedback of the reservation through the website and email confirmation. Rezbook gives you the html code for their widget which you place on your website and you are ready to go. When a customer places a reservation, it will automatically populate on the app at the restaurant with the useful information needed. So simple and easy to use. I highly recommend this software for any restaurant, especially ones that are looking to take reservations both on the phone and online. The people at Rezbook were outstanding and they even have 24 hour support. If you are a restaurant looking for a great piece of software to handle your restaurant, look no further.