We Are AdWords Certified!
We are a new business and want to demonstrate that we are experts in the service that we offer. Since we use Google Business Applications for email and other applications, I was sent an email last September about Google Partners. The email intrigued me and began doing research about the requirements to become a Google Partner. One of the requirements is to take exams offered by Google to demonstrate expertise and knowledge on the services offered by Google. The first exam I took was the AdWords exam, which I passed on the last week of February.

AdWords is an important service offered by Google and is defined as an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. This is an important service because it gives small businesses an opportunity to compete with bigger businesses and spend their advertising money wisely by strategically finding strong keywords that are being searched by potential customers. Google has been offering companies like ours, the ability to take tests to show expertise in different services that Google offers. For the past couple of weeks, I have been studying and preparing for the AdWords exam. The exam requirements are the following, an online exam containing 90 questions in 120 minutes with a 85% passing rate.

AdWords is a monthly service we would like to offer potential clients to help them gain new business through online advertising. We would first meet with clients to find out their monthly budget and create an online strategy, which would cover duration of AdWords campaign, goals of client through AdWords, and keyword planning. Through this initial meeting we can develop an AdWords plan which will be reviewed at first on a daily basis to make sure we have the right keyword strategy then reviewed on a weekly basis. Through the AdWords dashboard, we are able to view daily/weekly trends and adjust the campaign accordingly, so that we are not burning through the monthly budget in one day. With our online tools, open communication with our clients and experience we believe we can create a strong AdWords campaign that will help bring new customers to your business.

We are excited for the upcoming months, offering new services like AdWords to help businesses reach new customers and not just being a static company. The world of WEB/SEO is constantly changing and evolving and we are confident that we will continue to be on top of new trends and can ensure the best service for our clients.